We have the answers to your questions:

Can I return a package through the Pudo Lockers?

Yes, if you know the return address. You only have to make a normal booking through the app/website and use the locker to drop the package off.

When can I pick my order up from one of the Pudo Lockers?

When your package arrives at the Locker, you will receive a text message and an e-mail with a unique PIN and QR code. You can use either of these at the locker to make your collection.

What happens to my package if I don’t pick it up from a Pudo Locker?

From the moment you receive the notification stating your package has arrived at one of the Pudo Lockers you must retrieve it within 36 hours. If you don’t pick your package up within the deadline, it will be sent to the closest Pudo Kiosk/Depot.

How can I track my package?

You can track your package at Tracking ,or your can Login to your account and view the tracking under the section “See History”.

Can I choose different Lockers for each purchase?

Yes, Simply select the most convenient Locker

What happens if the package is bigger than the maximum allowed dimensions?

Yes, You can send your parcel to a Pudo Kiosk or Depot for Collection

Which types of packages can I send to the Lockers?

You can send any package that doesn’t exceed the maximum dimensions with the exception of packages that:

  1. Have delivery with collection

  2. Require the receiver’s signature

  3. Any items that are listed as forbidden in our terms & conditions

Is it safe to receive and send packages at a Pudo Locker?

Perfectly safe. Pudo Lockers are in monitored areas and have different security systems as video surveillance, anti-break locks and a parcel detection system.

Can I send to a Pudo Kiosk or Depot for Collection?

Yes, You can send your parcel to a Pudo Kiosk or Depot for Collection

What happens if I cannot print the online waybill?

You would need to write the full Collection and Delivery address details on the parcel.